I can make myself a sammich (Meal Prep Breakfast sandwich


I’ve been eating cereal for breakfast practically everyday since I transferred to the college I’m at now. With 8am classes and no close access to a full kitchen, it can be hard to make anything else for breakfast. (My dorm only has microwaves on each floor…lame, I know). I relish in the fact that when I go home on breaks that I get to cook breakfast each morning (mostly). However, I decided to try making breakfast sandwiches that I could just pop in the microwave, and not have to worry about cereal anymore.

I searched and searched to find a good way of making them, as well as being able to keep them for about a week.

And I can happily say that I have finally found a great way to make them!

Here are the ingredients that I gathered:

-whole wheat sandwich slims (thins) (You may use English muffins or croissants)


-slice of cheese (you may use your preference of cheese)

-turkey bacon (may substitute with actual bacon, ham, sausage, etc)

**You may use any brand you feel comfortable with; since I’m rocking the college life, each of my ingredients were the Kroger brand

The steps I found to be most useful:

  1. I started by cooking my turkey bacon (in a pan sprayed with cooking spray). For each sandwich I used one piece of bacon that I ripped in half. I then placed them on napkins to soak up any grease.
  2. I then laid out a piece of saran wrap(cling wrap) and placed the opened sandwich slims on them.
  3. Next it comes time for the eggs. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, I decided to make “egg crepes.”

-All you need to do is crack the eggs into a bowl, add a splash of water and salt                            and pepper (If you’d like) and whisk it.  I found that they do better is they                                  appear to have frothy look on the top.

4. Use cooking spray and spray a small pan. Then pour enough egg mixture into the                pan that equates to about one egg.

-It should take about a minute to cook on one side and then you may flip it.

5. Next comes the assembly step! Place the egg crepe onto one half of the sandwich                    slim and fold it as needed. I then placed my turkey bacon on top. ( I was impatient to assembly them after the egg cooked so I used the bacon to help hold the hot egg  crepe into place). Once I had placed the bacon on, I layered on a slice of cheese. Of course, the top of the sandwich slim comes next.

6. Once you have layered your sandwich, use the plastic wrap you laid the sandwich slices on to wrap up the sandwich. I wrapped each one individually and then let them set a few minutes before placing them into a larger bag and putting them in the freezer.

** I have read that they will keep for several weeks (up to 6) when placed in the                        freezer, but I only make enough to last me through the week.

When read to heat, place in the microwave for about a minute and 15 seconds and BAM.        Easy to grab breakfast sandwich!

$$$$$$$$- I found this to be more cost effective and filling than my previous cereal option. When I bought cereal, I was spending about $9 for cereal a week. ( I would buy two half gallons since I would typically run out and would get two boxes of cereal because I like to mix it or change it up). With this meal prep, I ended up only spending about $7 for an entire week and a half of sandwiches.